Elisha Aguilar LMT

Elisha became licensed to practice Massage Therapy in 2013 after attending the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage, where she earned 900 hours of massage education. Elisha is a military spouse and wanted the chance to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and to be able to work doing something she enjoyed no matter where the military took her family.

Prior to moving to Maryland, Elisha owned and operated Restorative Massage Therapy in Augusta, GA. Providing exceptional service as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Ellicott City Maryland is the next part of Elisha's journey.
Elisha is committed to helping clients feel their best.  Her massage style can be described as gentle yet effective, thorough, and intentional. Helping people relax, recover, and easing them out of their pain is a passion of hers, along with educating others about the power of massage. Seeing people move better and witnessing that ‘weight’ of stress and pain lifted after someone receives massage is extremely fulfilling!

Some tools Elisha uses to helps clients reach their goals include hot stones to aid in softening tissue, range of motion movement for assessment, active and passive joint movement, cupping to soften and align fascia, and Kinesio taping for injuries or pain.


Continuing Education

Medical Massage Professional Level May 2017 Instructor: Harvey Feinstein

Kinetic Activation Technique II March 2017 Instructor: Mark Carangelo

Kinetic Activation Technique January 2017 Instructor: Mark Carangelo

Functional Integrative Therapy October 2016 Instructor: Mark Carangelo

Kinesio Taping KT1 & KT2 Course April 2016 Instructor: Pete Pfannerstill

Dimensional Massage Therapy for Soft Tissue Dysfunction of the Head, Neck, and Shoulders  October 2015 Instructor: Nancy Dail

Sports Massage online course via the American Massage Therapy Association August 2015